Quick & Easy Way to Get Incredibly Clean Grout- No Bending, Kneeling, or Scrubbing

  • No bending or scrubbing
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Works on skinny or wide grout
  • each brush lasts 500 sq ft
  • won't harm tile floors
  • lightweight

Clean grout fast & easy!

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Make your kitchens & bathrooms sparkle again

Just roll Grout Groovy® over dirty grout lines (like a vacuum cleaner), and its powerful brush wheel does the scrubbing for you. In a fraction of the time, you'll have incredibly clean grout and a beautiful-looking floor!

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How to use grout groovy®

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Grout Groovy Cleaning Machine

This Bundle Includes:
1 Grout Groovy® machine & 1 Standard brush


Limited Time Only!

30 day money-back guarantee

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The Johnson's kitchen floor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grout Groovy®, and how does it work?
The Grout Groovy® uses a tile grout brush that rotates at just enough RPM to clean but not harm grout or ceramic and porcelain tile floors.

Simply spray some soap and water, your favorite household tile floor cleaner or tile grout cleaning “recipes” you have onto your tile grout and let Grout Groovy® do the rest! – there’s no need to use harsh or potentially harmful chemicals to clean with the Grout Groovy®.

Plugin the Grout Groovy® and push the trigger – let the Grout Groovy® do all of the heavy work. There’s no need to push hard on the rotating brush and just a couple of gentle back and forth swipes to remove dirt.

If the grout has never been cleaned you may have to repeat the process to loosen all of the dirt.
Do I have to use the Super Grout Cleaner for Grout Groovy® to work?
No, you don’t. We do include our powerful Super Grout Cleaner with your purchase. When it’s gone, you can choose to buy more…or you can continue to use Grout Groovy® with simple soap and water.
How long does Grout Groovy® last?
Your purchase comes with 1 grout cleaning brush. Each brush lasts for about 500 square feet. If you have tile more than 500 square feet, we advise you to purchase a 3-pack of brushes for full coverage.
Is Grout Groovy® hard to maneuver?
Not at all! It weighs just 3.8 pounds, so it’s easy to move around.
My grout doesn’t look dirty. Why do I need Grout Groovy?
Professional cleaning companies recommend cleaning your grout every 6-12 months. But many homes go years without doing so. The sad fact is, most people don’t clean their grout nearly enough…which means right now, you’re probably so accustomed to filthy grout that it looks “normal.”
Does Grout Groovy® come pre-assembled?
No. Grout Groovy® does require some assembly. In addition, the floor has to be properly cleaned after Grout Groovy® is used to remove the dirt (usually, a mop will do the trick).
Can Grout Groovy® fix stained or discolored grout?
No. Grout Groovy® is designed to remove dirt from grout lines, and it does this incredibly well. However: if your grout has become stained, Grout Groovy® will NOT be able to remove that stain.