Grout Groovy® Original Grout Cleaning Machine (Value Bundle)
Grout Groovy® Original Grout Cleaning Machine (Value Bundle)

Grout Groovy® Original Grout Cleaning Machine (Value Bundle)

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The original Grout Groovy® grout cleaning machine replaces hand-scrubbing on your hands and knees.  Grout Groovy uses a Vertical scrubbing brush, that cleans dirt in-between tiles.  The vertical brush works like flossing your teeth. Save time, money, your back and knees.

This Value Pack includes the Original Grout Groovy Stand-Up Grout Machine, 3 Brush Cleaning Wheels and 1 8oz Liquid Cleaner.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Buy Grout Groovy with confidence. Made with long-lasting materials, this grout cleaner is supported by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty plus a 100% Quality Inspection before shipping.

Additional Information

Weighing less than 4 lbs, this grout dirt remover is safe and easy to use in kitchens, bathrooms & hallways. With the original stand-up electric grout cleaner, there’s no more scrubbing dirty tile grout on your hands & knees.

Grout Groovy REMOVES DIRT from grout. Grout Groovy doesn’t remove stains, discoloration, oil, grease or clean grout that has been neglected for many years. It’s perfect for larger homes, offices & businesses. It features a larger 1600 RPM motor & an ergonomic design that makes cleaning grout easier.

Grout Groovy’s indoor brush wheel should last for an average of 500 square feet of tile. If the brush starts to fan out it needs to be replaced. USING A WORN BRUSH DIMINISHES RESULTS. The grout cleaning brush only works with Grout Groovy machines.

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