Grout Groovy® Pro Grout Cleaning Machine (Pro Bundle)
Grout Groovy® Pro Grout Cleaning Machine (Pro Bundle)
Grout Groovy® Pro Grout Cleaning Machine (Pro Bundle)
Grout Groovy® Pro Grout Cleaning Machine (Pro Bundle)

Grout Groovy® Pro Grout Cleaning Machine (Pro Bundle)

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Grout Groovy produces professional results without the high price of a cleaning company. Weighing less than 6 lbs. this grout scrubber is safe and easy to use in kitchens, bathrooms & hallways. Simply spray your favorite household soap product and water on the grout and let Grout Groovy to do the work.

This bundle includes the Grout Groovy® Pro Model Stand-Up Grout Machine, 3 Brush Wheels, 1 Grout Hand Brush and 1 Microfiber Cloth. The hand brush is about 7”, built for cleaning corners and around appliances or cabinets. The microfiber cloth makes for easy clean up. The towel measures approx 15” x 23”.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Buy Grout Groovy with confidence. Made with long-lasting materials, this grout cleaner is supported by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty plus a 100% Quality Inspection before shipping.

Additional Information

This grout brush is built to work on most tiles, including porcelain and ceramic. Our unique brush housing and grime guard keep dirt contained so cleaning grout is a no-mess task. Grout Groovy is for INDOOR USE only. Note: Grout Groovy is not safe for hardwood floors.

Grout Groovy REMOVES DIRT from grout. Grout Groovy doesn’t remove stains, discoloration, oil, grease or clean grout that has been neglected for many years. It’s perfect for larger homes, offices & businesses. It features a larger 1600 RPM motor & an ergonomic design that makes cleaning grout easier.

Grout Groovy must be used with a liquid cleaning agent to loosen the dirt and lubricate the brush. Allow to dry for 24 hours, as wet grout looks dirty. For severe areas multiple applications will be needed. The telescopic handle expands up to 46” & the multi-position handle makes it comfortable to use no matter your height. The extra larger splash guard reduces mess & makes clean up easier.

When used correctly, Grout Groovy’s indoor brush wheel lasts for an average of 500 square feet of tile. This unique nylon grout cleaning brush can only be used with the Grout Groovy shaft design.

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